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Kovač-Metal d.o.o. is small family owned company with more than 30 years of experience, specialized in production of steel constructions, welded parts and machining. Company was founded in 1991 by Mijo Kovač, and since 2002 son Petar Kovač B.Eng , I.W.E. is also employed.
In 2021. we have met comprehensive quality requirements for fusion welding and are awarded with certificate ISO 3843-2.
95% of products are exports to EU, mainly to Austria.
Our manufacturing arsenal consists of various machines and diverse technologies, and our team is made of multi specialists. Nonetheless we learn and adopt something new every day. That’s why we are very flexible and our production capabilities are very wide, which makes our offer very interesting.
We take special care of quality of our products and fast and punctual deliveries. Agreed terms must be held at all costs.
Since there is no common denominator for all services and products we offer, our motto stays: We manufacture things.

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Kovač – Metal d.o.o.


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